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Movie Name : Kulir 100 Degree
Cast : Sanjeev, Riya
Music Director : BoBo Shashi
Director : Anita Udheep
Producer : Anita Udheep
Year : 2008

Un Uyir Nanban - Krish

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Review - Kulir 100 Degree

Star-casts: Sanjeev, Riya Poongodi, Thalaivasal Vijay, Adhitya and many others…
Banner: Mayajaal Entertainment
Production: Anita Udeep
Direction: Anita Udeep
Music: Bobo Sashi

Much earlier, Anita was occupied with innovative projects including a project with Steven Speilberg. Simplifying in much easier terms, she had crooned for an appealing song ‘Azhagiya Asoora’ from Whistle. Now the actress has made her way in town making her debut directorial with interesting elements on technical aspects.

With more newcomers on the title cards, Anita Udeep has tried nothing new when it comes to script. The story is so simple as it deals with a school boy’s encounters of various characters, happiness, love, friendship and losses.

Much frightened that his son may acquire his father’s (Aditya) traits of a rowdy, his mom Nandini sends away Surya (Sanjeev) to Lake View Boarding School in Ooty. New scenic locations refresh him a lot. A smart bubbly girl Taaniya (Riya) and his fatty friend Babloo are his close buddies over there. Well, there are much enmities to him by his senior students and that really troubles him. How things proceed on now forms crux of the story.

Newcomers Sanjeev and Riya have done their best where the lad scores most. Riya looks is so fair and cute, but doesn’t look more appealing on the screens. She has to work out a lot on her physiques and looks if she plans in Kollywood. Our guys don’t love thin girls. Sanjeev dances well and indeed acts to his best.

There are certain absurdities in this film… Merely look slight caricatured and even the colleges wouldn’t as this school. You get to watch students of school easily bunking classes and everything is so unnatural in many parts. When Friendship goes to the precise theme, Anita should’ve focused on more presenting it powerfully.

‘Manasellam’ by Bobo Sashi is a mesmerizing number. Cinematography by LK Vijay is fantastic and coloring by visual team is brilliant.

On the whole, this is a film that you can watch without any expectations and enjoy.

Bottom - Line: Visually fantastic

Verdict: Average


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