MySQL: Database for Web 2.0 and Security for the Web, Including OpenSSO and OpennID

MySQL: Database for Web 2.0

If you are a developer using MySQL, you should learn enough to take advantage of its strengths, because having an understanding of the database can help you develop better-performing applications. This session will talk about MySQL database design and SQL tuning for developers.
    Some topics include:
  • MySQL Storage Engine Architecture
  • Schema, the basic foundation of performance
  • Think about performance when choosing Data Types
  • Indexes and SQL tuning
  • Understanding SQL Statements using EXPLAIN
  • Scans and seeks
  • Solving performance problems in your queries
  • A Few Things to consider for JPA/Hibernate devlopers, Lazy loading and Optimistic locking

    Key Technologies:


  • Demos:
  • Build a CRUD JSF, JPA application using Netbeans, Glassfish, and MySQL
  • Demo MySQL workbench and maybe Query tool

Security for the Web, Including OpenSSO and OpennID

The OpenSSO project was launched to bring its access control, single sign-on and federation technology to the open source community. Since then, the entire code base of Sun's Access Manager product has been released as open source and work is proceeding on Sun Java System Federated Access Manager 8.0 in the OpenSSO community. Come find out how OpenSSO can work in your identity project. Also, learn about some of the web services security standard, like SAML that are supported in the technologies and products can be integrated as part of a complete security and identity solution.


Anonymous said...

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? What is your best take in cost vs performance among those three? I need a good advice please... Thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

hi dinesh

as a inern am working in fic
am newbee in opensso and i need to make my application as federated sso
,but i cant able to run simple application in opensso.can u please help me am a bangalorean if u know abt this i can meet u

hope u help me thanks in advance