Download Aegan songs

Aegan (2008)
Actors : Ajith, Nayantara, Suman
Director : Raju Sundaram
Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer : Ayngaran International Films

Odum Varayil
   Singer : K.K, Bela Shende
Hey Salaa
   Singer : Blaaze, Naresh Iyyar, Mohammed Aslam
Kichu Kichu
   Singer : Vasundara Dass, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Yahoo Yahoo
   Singer : Suvi, Ujjaini, Sathyan, Ranjith & Naveen
Hey Salaa 2
   Singer : Blaaze, Naresh Iyyar, Mohammed Aslam
Hey Baby
   Singer : Shankar Mahadevan

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Download Silambattam Songs

Silambattam (2008)
Actors : Silambarasan, Sana Khan
Director : S Saravanan
Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer : Lakshmi Movie Makers Ltd.

   Singer : Shankar Mahadevan
Vechikkava Unnai
   Singer : Silambarasan, Suchithra
Where is the Party
   Singer : Mukesh, Priyadharshini
   Singer : Silambarasan, Earl, Suzie.Q
Machaan Machaan
   Singer : Illayaraja, Belashende

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Download Newtonin 3am Vidhi songs

Newtonin 3am Vidhi (2008)
Actors : S J Suryah, Sayali Bhagat
Director : Thai Muthu Selvan
Music Director : Vinay
Producer : Madras Entertainment Ltd.

   Singer : Ranjith, Shalini
   Singer : Naren Iyer, Shri Leka Parthasharathi
Mudhal Murai
   Singer : Naren Iyer, S.J.Suryah, Sham P Keerthan
Newtonin 3am Vidhi
   Singer : Sham P Keerthan
Kadhal Thandora
   Singer : Krissh

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Download Vaaranam Aayiram (2008) songs

Vaaranam Aayiram (2008)
Actors : Suriya, Simran, Sameera Reddy
Director : Gautham Menon
Music Director : Harris Jayaraj
Producer : Oscar Films

   Singer : Naresh Iyer, Prashanthini
Nenjukkul Peidhidum
   Singer : Hariharan, Devan, V.Prasanna
Adiyae Kolluthey
   Singer : Krish, Benny Dayal, Shruthi Hassan
Yethi Yethi
   Singer : Benny Dayal, Naresh Iyer, Solar Sai
Oh! Shanthi Shanthi
   Singer : Clinton, S.P.B.Charan
Annul Maelae
   Singer : Sudha Raghunathan
Ava Enna
   Singer : Karthik, V.Prasanna

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Namma Chennai

Route – Tidel Park, Taramani to AnnaNagar; Distance around 20 kms

This is a random post on what I observed in Chennai while riding back home after a tired day/night at 2.50 am in the morning.

Security at Tidel Park – There are night security guards everywhere, little relaxed compared to the day shift ones, but still gives a feel of being safe and secure.

Speed – Crazy speeds, by the half asleep cab drivers who shuttle the techies from office to their homes. Be very careful when you drive in the OMR, people drive here at crazy speeds at night. Wish they installed speed camera or monitors here.

Vehicles on road – Office cabs and high speeding Lorries mostly.

Street Lights – Lit all the way. Good improvement compared to how it was a few years back.

Dogs – Saw almost around 50 dogs all through the route - all awake, wonder when they really sleep. Thankfully none barked at me.

Police Patrol – Found one patrol car next to my flat, around 4-5 cops talking to someone. Wonder if that was a case or a normal beat. I would still say Chennai is a safe city and Police here are very efficient.
I even saw quite a few patrol vehicles with policemen giving some instructions over loud speakers at 12 in the night from their cars.

Signals – Amber all the way

Petrol station – Around 6 petrol stations in this route, but all were closed, except the one before Ashok Nagar.
Don’t ever forget to fill fuel in your vehicle earlier itself if you plan to travel somewhere late in the night or early in the morning.

Road Laying – Happening right now near the Bridge after Saidapet bus stand. It happens only at late nights and early morning.

People – Some people were randomly walking, Saw a few construction workers/labourers returning home, wonder what took them so late to reach home. Techies in cabs.

Tea shops / eateries – Unfortunately I didn’t find anything open at this hour.

Public transport Buses – Didn’t see any, except a few empty ones which i presume are going to the bus depot to be parked there, but I have heard there are a few night services, wonder where I can get more details about them.

Out Station buses – Saw a few buses leaving Chennai via Ashok Nagar, one SETC bus to Bangalore, None going towards Koyambedu bus stand though. Think after 4am the buses start entering Chennai.

Apartment watchman – Fast Asleep, honked twice to wake him up, consolation was - nearby flat’s watchmen were awake.

So what did you observe in Chennai at these un-even hours?

Ps- This post is not an informative one, but just an observation on how things are and look like at early hours in Chennai